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BLOG 3 Costas Panayotakis Stimulating Essay "Capitalism, Socialism, and Economic Democracy: Reflections on Today’s Crisis and Tomorrow’s Possibilities"  

BLOG 2      Darwin Bond-Graham's essay, "Et in Arcadia, Oil!,"

BLOG 1   Guidance to understanding the environmental wasteland is given to us in José A. Tapia Granados’ March 2010 CNS tour de force essay “Economists, Recessions, and Profits.”




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CNS is a journal of ecosocialism. We welcome submissions on red-green politics and the anti-globalization movement; environmental history; workplace labor struggles; land/community struggles; political economy of ecology; and other themes in political ecology. CNS especially wants to join (relate) discourses on labor, feminist, and environmental movements, and theories of political ecology and radical democracy. Works on ecology and socialism are particularly welcome. Published by Taylor & Francis

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Commons vs. Commodities   Giovanna Ricoveri   The Commons as an Alternative to Capitalism

Nuclear Damage Control by Karen Charman 2/10/2012
For the first time in 30 years, the United States has just okayed new nuclear reactors. Though this comes with the still unfolding Fukushima disaster as a backdrop, we’re being told everything is under control. It is—damage control.                  Read More>>>

Subway performance by CNS  book review editor Costas Panayotikis

You, too, can be an austerity nut. Join the crusade. Become a subway or sidewalk preacher who markets the virtues of austerity and self sacrifice to assist our neediest billionaires. Find out how.


New Publication:

Ariel Salleh (ed),
Eco-Sufficiency and Global Justice:
women write political ecology
London & New York: Pluto Press, 2009


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"intersections"   A series of paintings by Dave Channon  in the March 2011 issue